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M.A.D For More Sales Breakthrough Programme
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  • Learn the key reasons that your sales efforts are being blocked and how to increase your conversion rate.
  • Discover the hidden reasons holding back your sales results
  • Optimise your sales by uncovering practical techniques that can be implemented immediately
  • Get a complimentary Sales Breakthrough Action Plan that shows how to take your sales to the next level
Dear Business Owner,

Do you want to boost your sales?

Growing your sales is a tough challenge when most sales people have never been taught how to sell effectively and just stick to their same routine – the same cold calls, the same emails and the same scripts. 

Most salespeople underperform - but it doesn't need to be that way.

Selling is a learnable skill that can be improved by everyone. 

Everyone in business needs a selling system to generate ideal prospects then convert those prospects into long term paying customers.

We have developed that system for you. The CZ6 Sales and Service System.

We can help you and your business grow exponentially by coaching your sales team to use our proven systems and techniques to win and retain more clients.

We have done this time and time again - right around the world. (See just some of our testimonials and proof below on this page.)

I am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge, and invite you to join us on the Make a Difference (M.A.D) for More Sales Breakthrough Assessment.

This assessment has been designed to ramp up your sales activity by teaching the crucial techniques, skills and systems required to successfully sell.

It’s the result of 30 years of researching, teaching, practicing and refining – with proven (and award winning) results.

Start with our transformative sales assessment to unlock your sales potential and an exciting time ahead!

Kind regards'

Leigh Farnell

Make a Difference for More Sales - More Service - More Prosperity
"If you have a well-defined sales process, you are immediately ahead of the competition and well on the road to a massive jump in sales performance."


This unique turnkey programme identifies the key areas holding back your sales potential and then provides practical steps to help you boost conversion rates. 

The programme centres around a proven four-step process:
  • Assess – A deep-dive into the fundamentals to uncover the weaknesses in your current sales process.What sales techniques are being used? Why aren’t they working? Do you even have the right people on your team?
  • Diagnose – Pin-point the issues and candidly discuss them.
  • Learn – Learn valuable sales skills through our CZ6 Colour Zone Selling System making use of real-life examples so that you increase your sales conversation rates, gain repeat business and, ultimately, improve your cash flow.
  • Monitor - Measure and monitor progress so that you continually improve your sales results over the next 90 days.
Why take the FREE 2 Minute 
Online Sales Assessment Quiz?
  • Run a microscope over the 28 key sales and marketing breakthrough action areas in your business
  • Get a detailed report outlining your weak points and the steps to take to improve your sales results
  • Get a $500 voucher towards Leigh’s M.A.D for More Sales Breakthrough Programmes.
5 Benefits of taking the Sales Assessment Quiz and One-on-One Coaching Session
  • Free detailed report that identifies your weak points and how to turn these around
  • Spend a full hour with international sales and business growth coach Leigh Farnell assessing your existing sales strategies and stepping through recommended breakthroughs
  • Get a recording of the call that you can review and share with your team
  • Walk away with a tailored action plan that gives you practical steps to achieve your sales breakthrough
  • Get a $5000 voucher towards Leigh’s M.A.D for More Sales Breakthrough Programmes.
Who benefits from a One-on-One coaching session?
  • Any business with a turnover of $1.5 million and above, and has an established sales team
  • Motivated business owners and sales managers serious about taking action and implementing breakthrough sales ideas
  • Anyone who wants to get more sales, build a loyal client base and increase revenue
Why would you work with us and what do other clients say about our coaching?
  • We have a proven track record of helping all sized businesses across Australia and the Asia-Pacific to boost their sales and achieve their goals. We can do the same for your business.
  • Our innovative sales training consultancy has twice been awarded the winner of the LearnX Best Sales Training in Australia and New Zealand.
"We’ve had a couple of record months and things have just gone from strength to strength, the guys are buzzing, they’re jumping out of their skin."
- Mark Antonio. Owner. DMD Shelving Direct
Highest Sales Ever
From $350K to $1,000,000 Per Month
"In the last 6 or 7 months we have achieved the highest sales that Amcom have ever experienced with two $1,000,000 months one in June and one on October, before that we were lagging around the 350K 400K in a good month
You have crystalised the sales process by bringing the whole concept of a team together and making us champions."

Loula Papandreou - National Sales Manager. Amcom Australia

“Our sales have increased by 1000%.Our working capital has doubled.
Our fixed overheads have been reduced by over 50%. Our marketing and distribution to key growth markets has improved dramatically. Leigh Farnell is invaluable to any General Manager or Managing Director serious about making a change to bottom line performance in their business.’

Vijay Watson. General Manager. ADI. Telecommunications

‘You’re the Best..’
‘Your clients voted for you… You’re the best… You got the results… 
You achieved what they wanted…. 
You’ve got innovative styles of doing things… You’re absolutely terrific..’
Rob Clarke. Editor. Training Australia Magazine. Chairman. LearnEx Best Training Programme Awards.

‘30% Better than Last Year’
‘For the first time ever we have cracked the $2 million in sales per month mark. We surpassed the previous sales record by over 15%. Thanks to all your training we are trading 30% better than last year even in the so called “recessive times”. Thank you for all your support and help.’
Damian Green. National Agency Account Manager. Newspaper Group

‘We’ll have a record month in November and as a team, our culture, our communication, we have grown 300%...’
Danny Bright. State Manager. NSW – Wesbeam.

‘We can now decode the performance of our top salespeople… It is a brilliant programme.. a combination of theory and practical experiences you can really learn. Last year, as a country, we grew by 46% and this year we will grow another 40%..’
 Michael Lam. Country Manager. BSI China
‘Since the first training… I was doing OK..have gone from 5-6 sales to month to 8-9.. so that’s been amazing.. It’s a must have..’ (that’s a 60% increase in sales every month..)
Jay Armadi. Sales Manager. Nicheliving Real Estate.

‘We looked at the sales system we were using and we looked at how we could improve that.. to offer better solutions to our clients.. after our first training session there was a sale we budgeted $15,000 but when we followed your system it ended up over a $40,000 order.. Being conservative you have added at least 20% to our annual turnover and you’ve increased the margins as well..’
Mark Antonio – DMD Storage Solutions.
‘Just one idea from Leigh’s seminar has added another $2 million in property sales in the last 3 months – Check Out Leigh’s stuff …  I’m a capitalist.. it just pays..’
Paul Magiatis – Real Estate Developer - Entrepreneur

‘An extra $1 million per year in Sales..’
‘Really.. really ..useful.. We are working smarter not harder.. We are picking up an extra $20,000 per week..($1.04 million per year)  which is great..’
Sarah Casey – Director of Sales – Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges

‘There is a lot more confidence in the team.. the results are speaking for themselves.. we’ve had a record year last year ..our sales were up 28%..  this year we are up 40% year to date.. great tools the team now have.. we are very happy with the transformation.. 
Turned from passive to far more tactical and strategic…’
David Horlock. Managing Director. British Standards Institution. APAC.
‘We will double productivity from each sales person as a result of this training..’
Scott Fletcher – General Manager. Nicheliving Real Estate.

‘It has been a real wake up call …
My improvement has been immeasurable.’
Paul Harris – Sales Manager – Hoesch
Limited to August Only,
you will get the Sales Assessment Quiz (normally valued at $97) for FREE PLUS OTHER FREE BONUSES..
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