Attention Sales Managers & Business Owners
How To Double (Or Triple) The Revenue From Your Sales Team, Without Having To Train Your Staff Yourself
...And How Salespeople Can 10x Their Results ASAP
FREE LIVE TRAINING by Leigh Farnell, who has generated $150M+ in sales for 300+ companies over 30+ years
Thursday, 14th December @ 6PM Perth, 9PM Sydney
Brand NEW Live Web Class Begins In...
Limited Seating - First Come, First Served
This is a FREE Training Web Class. There Are No Costs, But Only 100 seats available.

Thursday, 14th December

@ 6:00 PM AWST (9:00PM Sydney time)

Leigh Farnell


Free Gift For Those That Attend

The 7 Steps To Cracking Open The Fortune Cookies That Hide Your Business Fortune
What You'll Learn On This FREE 2x Sales Training Webinar:
Secret #1: 
The "One Thing" Every 
Sales Team Needs To Implement To Keep Smashing Sales Records 
Most salespeople are left to their own devices and expected to perform. But if you implement what I'm going to show you in the presentation, it will transform your sales team. Without it, I guarantee you will be unnecessarily losing sales, customers and profits.
Secret #2:
How To Double Your Sales Results As Soon 
As Possible With A 
Proven System
Every sales manager or business owner needs a proven sales system in their team. I'll introduce you to my tried and tested sales process that hundreds of businesses across the world are using to consistently and predictably take their sales to a whole new level.  
Secret #3:
Why Having The Perfect Sales System Doesn't Guarantee Your Sales Team Will Perform
Just because you have the perfect sales system, doesn't necessarily mean your team will achieve outstanding results. There's another important element you MUST have in your organisation to  achieve optimal results. I'll reveal what it is on the presentation.   
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